[SOLVED] Since buying a license for demo version Hard Disk has no property option

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by DavidB80, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. DavidB80

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    - Migrated Win7 machines to "new" (late 2013) iMac
    - Tested Demoversion from parallels website download
    - Changed HD-Size via "Properties"
    - After buying a Licence (Regular version - no PRO, no Yearly) I'm not longer able to change the Hard Disk size (currently 300GB) as the button "Properties" is not longer shown

    No information about reglementations of this resize HD feature (only for PRO or something else):
    https://download.parallels.com/desktop/v15/docs/en_US/Parallels Desktop User's Guide/

    Does the download demo version really contain more features as the brand new key I bought now in parallels shop.
    (If there is no possiblity to change HD size - as I did for all Parallels versions before - how to return software and get my money back?)
  2. Abishek

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    Hello @DavidB80 Please shutdown the virtual machine and under VM Configuration -> Hard Disk -> Advanced Settings -> You will find the properties options. Please refer article https://kb.parallels.com/113972 for more information.
  3. DavidB80

    DavidB80 Bit Poster

    Thanks Abishek - you are so right -> SOLVED.
    Seems I didn't get it as this Property options moved to "Advanced Settings" compared to the documentation screenshot

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  4. kavyaM

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    @DavidB80 Good to know that the issue is solved. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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