Some flawed "3.0 new feature" assumptions by development

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by sparker, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. sparker

    sparker Member

    I would like to point out what I think are three "flawed assumptions" in some of the new features in Parallels 3.0. This is my personal opinion (obviously), but I feel they would have been much more welcome by me if there was a switch to turn them off.

    1) I do not want my "C" drive mounted on my Mac Desktop as a disk drive by default. I eject them as soon as they appear. This should have been a switch that was off by default, but could be enabled.

    2) I do not want every application on my Mac automatically added to my "Start -> Program Files" menu in my Windows clients. I assume that I can just delete the whole folder of applications from my Start menu. This should have been a switch that was off by default, but could be enabled.

    3) I do not want to automatically open all my word, excel and powerpoint documents inside a Windows virtual machine. I have MS Office for Mac installed, and want those associations to say put. This should have been a switch that was off by default, but could be enabled.

    This is just my $0.02 to the development team, if any of them actually read this forum.

    In the future, please do not FORCE new features on us. Tell us about them and let us enable them....


  2. martinm

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    I agree with you 100%. While these features may be useful to some, having the option to enable/disable them is the right way to go. From reading other posts it seems like the next upgrade will make these options, let's hope that's the case...
  3. dkp

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    Some of these things are managed when installing Parallels Tools in Windows using the "Customize..." option. Others are controlled using the VM editor.

    Deleting the stub files in Windows hides the problem but does not disable the problem. A clever virus can re-install them or you can do so from a command line session. Point being, the pathway between Windows and OS X remains open regardless of the availability of the stub files.
  4. balkanboris

    balkanboris Member

    Interesting. Mine doesn't do this, but I would like it to! I do not like office for mac on Intel. It is very slow compared to office 2003 in Parallels.

    (1) & (2). I agree.
  5. Rachel Faith

    Rachel Faith Hunter

    Which programs open which apps and HOW that works remains a mystery. My Office Word files on OSX suddenly became AOL Windows files and everytime I try and open a dot doc file on OSX iot now fires up AOL on Windows. I sure as HELL did not set that one. And this just started today...
  6. wingdo

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    1) Using configuration editor on your VM, go to shared folders and uncheck "share windows drive"

    2) Uninstall Parallels Tools, restart the VM, Install Parallels Tools, choose "custom" instead of complete, do not install "favorite Applications"

    3) You will be able to toggle / disable Smart Select in the next release.
  7. dan20164

    dan20164 Junior Member

    The fact that the defaults are to allow the virtual machine to effect the physical are a very significant flaw in 3.0. One of the advantages of running a virtual machine is isolation from the physical. Worm holes between the two machines should be configured in by the user, not out....
  8. biff

    biff Bit poster


    I have the same problem since upgrading to v 3.0. ALl my word docs I used to open using my Mac Word want to now open under the VM windows XP WordPad MFC which shows as default. Is there now way to make my MS Word to be the default program otherways.

    Do you mean I would have to un-install Parrallels 3.0 and then reinstall the whole lot again?
    I have already installed so many programs into the windows VM and having to do the entire exercise again.

    I am sorry Parrallels/swsoft - what the h*&& were you thinking? :mad:
    probably like Microsoft....

    Urgh! :mad: :mad: :mad:
  9. Morgenl

    Morgenl Member

    No need to uninstall anything (that will not fix the problem anyway).

    1. In OSX Finder highlight any .doc file (don't open it).
    2. Under "File" at the top of your screen select "Get Info"
    3. 3/4 of the way down the window that opens you will see "Open With" - click the arrow so it points down.
    4. Change the selection box to be "Microsoft Word"
    5. Underneat that click on "Change All".

    Now all your Word documents will open in Word again. You can use the same procedure to change any extension set to force open in any program of your choice.
  10. biff

    biff Bit poster

    thank you!!!!! This has been frustrating me for a few days....

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