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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by VincentVegas, May 25, 2023.

  1. VincentVegas

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    We are using Parallels RAS on a Windows Server 2019.
    I have created a desktop that various users are working with.
    A couple of questions come up with this.
    - It appears that any user can launch any application on the server. Is there any way to change this?
    - In the task manager, each user can see every other user and their running processes.
    - In the start menu, you can see entries that a normal user should not see:
    - Why is the task "RAS Server Monitor" started for every VM, even if the automatic start is deselected?

  2. jpc

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    The lock-down of a server machine, is not part of the functionality of RAS. Instead, RAS is meant to simplify deployment of servers and publishing of resources as "published apps".

    Preventing specific applications from starting or allowing only specific application to be run requires using either:
    • a GPO policy (Software Restriction Policies), or
    • Windows Defender Application Control, or
    • AppLocker, or
    • some other 3rd party lock-down software
    GPO policies can sometimes get tricky particularly with this sort of restriction. Ideally, the administrators group or at least a single user out of the policy to be able to fix any potential misconfigurations.


    If the users are in the administrators group, then this is expected. Normal users can not see other users' processes. Moreover, task manager can be disabled via GPO (security through obscurity).

    The items in the start menu are configured in that manner by default on Windows Server OSs. Again, this sort of customisation should be handled via GPOs. Users that have already logged in might need further configuration as their per-user settings have already been created.


    "RAS Server Monitor" is configured to start automatically when installing the RAS Console.
    I'm not sure how "automatic start" was deselected. Windows Server 2019 does not have a startup items entry in task manager. Instead, a separate tool like autoruns needs to downloaded and run.
    If disabling the item from autoruns does NOT work, the shortcut can be removed from the following folder:
     %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp 
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    Greetings Parallel Team,

    I work for Sadara Chemical Company in Saudi Arabia. We purchased a license for RAS back in 2022. Currently, IT has deployed some windows patches after which the license is not showing on the RAS console and users cannot able to access the weblink which is prompting "Server license has expired". The employee id on which we ordered the license is on leaves ( so we cannot sign in to his account because trusted web browser prompt is appearing after putting the credentials. Now, in light of this, my questions are below:
    1. Why the license was removed automatically after patch installation as we purchased for 5 years subscription (perpetual)? In the RAS console, it only show the deactivation option with blank descriptions (see attachment)
    2. Is there any way to change my colleague's email address to another one because we need to login to the Parallel's account?

    Hope to get your feedback at the earliest.


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