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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ParallelsU224, Feb 10, 2019.

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    Hey everyone :)

    I'm thinking about getting into Parallels, but I've got some questions I couldn't find an answer for so far. At the moment I got an old 2013 Macbook Air which would be my testing machine for the Parallels Trial. I'm still not sure though, if I will buy a Macbook Pro 2018 (with parallels) or a windows machine as my next machine. I would need good Hyper-V support for work and to create some test-lab scenarios.

    1. If I buy Parallels (standard or Pro), can I use the license on two Mac devices?
    2. I've read at some point, that only Parallels Pro supports Hyper-V (nested VM something...?), is this true? How well does Hyper-V Support work inside an "Windows 10 / Windows Server 2012 R2" Parallels VM (speedwise etc.)?
    3. Can I import / export Hyper-V VMs into the Parallels format without much hassle?
    4. How does the Pro abo work? If I choose to not renew the abo a year later, can I still use Parallels without limitations (but not getting any updates)?
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    Hi ParallelsU224,
    1. No, you cannot use the same license on two Macs. If you are changing Mac at that time you can transfer the license.
    2. Yes, nested virtualization support is available with Pro and Business license only. Unfortunately, we do not have any options to calculate the performance of a nested VM.
    3. You can covert third party VM's to Parallels VM's but not to another format using Parallels Desktop.
    4. No, you cannot use Parallels Desktop after the subscription is expired to use it you have to renew or buy a new license.
  3. ParallelsU224

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    Hi Ajith,
    sadly point 1 and 4 are breaking the deal for me then. Thanks a lot for your reply though :)
  4. KebhaK@Parallels

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    You are welcome please post if you have more queries in future.
  5. Rockys3

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  6. AJ@Parallels

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    Hello Rockys3, You can purchase Parallels Desktop pro edition which support Hyper V nested virtual machine.
    1) With Parallels Desktop, it's always only one Mac per license. The corresponding number of licenses must be purchased for the corresponding number of hosts. Please refer to for details.
    2) Running a virtual machine within a virtual machine may slightly slow down the hosting virtual machine performance ( refer to for assistance ).
    3) Kindly follow the instructions from this link
    4) Parallels Desktop pro edition is a yearly subscription which you have to renew every year, If you are not renewing the license then it will be expired and you cannot continue the service.

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