Some tips to use prior to creating a thread in the Parallels Forums

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    Andrew@Parallels Parallels Team

    Hey Parallels Users,
    Our Forums are growing more and more every day. There is a lot of information out there from our users. Before you post, we have a few short suggestions on what to do first.

    You are not alone!
    • Chances are, there is another Parallels Desktop for Mac user who has the same question that you do. Use our enhanced search functionality to see if your question or comment already exists. Users love sharing their feedback, suggestions and questions for all to see.
    • Add your comments! The more a thread grows, the more we see what is going on in our users world
    Can't find what you need?
    • Open a thread for us to help.
    • Help us help you! Tell us about your Parallels Desktop version, your Mac and your OS versions.
    o To find the version and build number of your Parallels Desktop software. Click on Parallels Desktop > About Parallels Desktop
    o To find the Mac OS X and guest operating system. Click on the Apple logo > About this Mac to see the Mac version
    o To find your Windows edition. Click Start and right-click on Computer > Properties to see the Windows edition.

    3rd party software questions

    • Tell the software and version you are using and what is happening with the software.
    Question on a device
    • Tell us what is happening with your printer, keyboard, mouse, USB device and information about the device (make, model)
    Is there a problem? Use our built in Report a Problem feature in Parallels Desktop
    • From the Parallels Desktop Help Menu, click on the Report A Problem option. This will run generate a log of what is happening right now! This helps us help you. (note - this will not generate a Customer Support ticket)
    • Add the problem ID in your posting so we can look up what was happening on your Mac
    See what others respond - it can take a little time for your posting to get comments but don't worry, our users and the Parallels Team are here to help.
    Sounds like a lot of steps for a simple post but the specifics not only help you find an answer, but your post may be helpful to the next member of the Parallels Community who has the same question(s).

    Thanks for helping us - help you! Happy posting.

    The Parallels Team
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