Somethings never change with Parallels: upgrade to PD 9 is a DISASTER

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by yobyot, Sep 2, 2013.

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    After going through a PD 7 to PD 8 upgrade disaster, you'd think I would be smart enough to not rush to upgrade to PD 9.

    But once a fool, always a fool.

    Installing PD 9 on my 2013 MacBook Air (i7, 512GB SSD, 8GB memory) caused every one of my Win7 machines to endlessly search for hardware -- you know the sound. You can open the "devices and printers" control panel applet and watch the virtual keyboard and virtual mouse disappear (kerk-chunck) then reappear (ker-chunck) endlessly.

    The Win8 features -- where are they? I tried and tried (before falling back to PD 8) to get a Metro app to run in a window. No luck. Where's the documentation on how to enable the dictionary action in Office 2013? And what wingnut designed "cloud" access so that one has to enable SkyDrive IN WINDOWS to get it to replicate to Mac. Hello -- Microsoft has had a Mac SkyDrive client for at least a year.

    What a mess.

    I'll come back to it in about 60 days -- but for now, my strong advice to you is not to bother upgrading. Maybe I'll learn something this time.
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    I agree with this post. I too have the endless der-dunk sound repeating every few seconds. This is on a current MacBook Pro retina with the latest OSX. I cannot believe none of the beta testers had this. Did they all have their sound muted?

    I too wish I hadn't rushed to upgrade. Please fix this quickly Parallels and don't go ahead with your public launch until you have. You'll have a lot of very annoyed users.
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    Ok, at least I'm not alone. Same here, going back to 8, or using bootcamp until its solved. And I had everything working perfectly......... Parallels should back on the release of 9.

    MBP retina, 16gb, Win7.
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    6 weeks later, has this been fixed in the public launch release? Back in June I had to revert to version 8. Now I want to upgrade to Mavericks and I assume Parallels 9 is the recommended version to use.

    UPDATE: Just finished upgrading to Mavericks and Parallels 9, public release ParallelsDesktop-9.0.23136.932290. This issue of endlessly searching for devices, aka endless der-dunk seems to have been resolved. All is well and good.
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