Sonoma upgrade: "TPM related information is missing" when Win11 starts UEFI on, TPM on

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by AdamT10, Sep 29, 2023.

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    After I've upgraded my Intel Mac Book Pro to Sonoma, when I start my Windows 11 VM I got this error:
    TPM related info is missing is not helping at all, as my Windows is on UEFI boot and there is a TPM chip attached to this VM in Parallels. So all should be fine.
    Befrore the Sonoma upgrade I've never seen this error / warning.
    Now I had to enter my Bitlocker Recovery Key (which I did) my PIN code was disabled so using password but the whole feeling is: unstable, I can lose my VM anyitime.
    Parallells version: Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac v17.1.7 (51588) - latest.
    I gave it a try, cloned my VM, removed the TPM chip and tried to add again: it failed w/error PRL_ERR_TPM_SETUP_KEYCHAIN_FAILED, KB page useless again as I'm not using the Store app but the desktop app.
    The error is shown consistently after each restart. Bitlocker recovery key was asked only one. Windows 11 is a corp image - had no issues in the past running it.

    Any idea how to solve this?

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