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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by sbuckley, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. sbuckley

    sbuckley Guest


    I've been using 2x as a substitute to Citrix for a while now, gradually moving users from citrix to 2x, and so far so good aside from the odd thing here and there.

    One of the main complaints I'm getting from users is that there seems to be a huge lag in screen refresh rates, especially when web browsing.

    We have 3 sites - 2 of these connect to a central site via mpls, so web browsing on the remote sites is done via citrix or 2x.

    Web browsing on Citrix is slow enough but 2x is almost unusable, particularly if there are animations on the web page. I have turned down colours on the clients but it doesn't make much difference.

    Is anyone else having similar issues? Or does anyone know of a way to help things along.

  2. rafelbev

    rafelbev Guest

    What constraints do you have on the MPLS network link?

    1) high latency
    2) low bandwidth
    3) heavy packet loss

    Do you have the same experience when using a full desktop RDP session to the same terminal server over the same remote link ?
  3. sbuckley

    sbuckley Guest


    No problems with latency or packet loss - bandwitdh is low enough though (512k leased line - dsl not an option currently).

    Full screen RDP sessions are a little slow (as opposed to being physically at the console) but it's perfectly useable. Citrix is the same, but 2X is completely unusable with certain webpages.

    Citrix would be the same when colours are set to the highest level, but much quicker when set to say 256 colours. I have it set this way in 2x also but it doesn't look like the setting made any difference - ie it's still slow and colours look as though they are on a higher mode.
  4. rafelbev

    rafelbev Guest

    What is the average latency over the MPLS link ?
  5. sbuckley

    sbuckley Guest


    Average latency taken over 1 minute interval is 29ms
  6. ifuon

    ifuon Guest

    So, dead thread :?:

    I'm interested in a reply to this.
    sbuckley, did you solve your problem? How?

  7. sbuckley

    sbuckley Guest

    No, never did solve it as such - just had to turn down the client colours to the lowest possible setting and blocked most flash ads via our web filter.
    Hoping a future release might address this issue. IF you find any miracle cure let me know!
  8. ifuon

    ifuon Guest

    Sure. Thx for your reply.

    It seems 2X has an issue with graphics. Compression? Caching?
    Or maybe there is a "well hidden" way to set it up to avoid these things?

    Maybe this problem is not important in most situations where bandwidth is not an issue, however it becomes a big handicap when network bandwidth is limited.

    The question of course is why is Citrix MUCH fster with graphincs than 2X in identical network configurations?

  9. rafelbev

    rafelbev Guest

    Are you referring to the Windows 2X Application Server Client or the one bundled inside the 2X ThinClientServer ?
  10. ifuon

    ifuon Guest

    I was referring to the Windows one, but the ThinClient one also does the same.
  11. rafelbev

    rafelbev Guest

    The 2X ApplicationServer client for Windows uses the same Microsoft RDP control so you should be experiencing exactly the same speed degradation as when you use the full screen Microsoft solution.
  12. ifuon

    ifuon Guest

    But how can I avoid this degradation?
    I mean without having to go back to using Citrix...
  13. rafelbev

    rafelbev Guest

    Do you experience correct performance in Full RDP desktop sessions like sbuckley ?
  14. McShinsky

    McShinsky Guest

    Did you have SpeedScreen turned on in your Citrix environment? If so, this would give the appearance of faster performance for the end user. Microsoft RDP sessions and 2X using RDP at this stage do not have this.
  15. ifuon

    ifuon Guest

    I don't know. I'll check with the IT guys.

    And yes, this "apparent" speed would be great on 2X too.

    Is this feature announced soon?

  16. ifuon

    ifuon Guest

    OK. There was a 32k limitation on the link to the servers...
    Nothing to do with 2X
    Problem solved. :p
  17. Sergei

    Sergei Guest

    And how did you solve the problem?
  18. ifuon

    ifuon Guest

    The problem was only solved for internet access as the gateway had a 32k limit set up my mistake. Although the almost complete freeze disappeared, the slowness issue was never solved, until today.

    Any branch not on the LAN still has problems viewing graphics, pdf files, photos, web browsing, etc.

    We are now on version 6. The complaining has come down over time as users got used now to the poor performance but this is not a satisfactory resolution.

    So bringing back the issue up hoping that a year later or so there is more light at the end of the tunnel, or perhaps a solution that came out in the meantime and that we may have missed?
  19. domino

    domino Guest

    Any solution on the lag for graphics and PDF files opening via 2X applicationserver?
  20. zippo


    Using Windows 2008 server should improve the responce however speedscreen like feature is not yet implemented

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