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    Would it be possible to enable more frequent policy refreshes for a period after installation/enrollment to PMM is done?
    When we enroll a device we want it to be ready for user as quickly as possible and for regular policy pushes we have configured every hour in our environment.
    So when device is enrolled in PMM it will quickly show up in SCCM collection and we have configured so automatically it will be added to a specific set of applications (collection query), so after enrollment +~10min it will be added to around 10 applications and 4 policies but the device will only auto refresh policy after 1 hour. Also IT usually deploys extra applications as soon as the device show up in the SCCM console and want it quickly deployed.
    It would be good if PMM had a setting that can configure so policy refreshes happen more frequent lets say the first 2 hours.
    We would like it to refresh every 10min for the first 2 hours after enrollment is done to get it as quickly as possible added to needed apps and policies. After that it should go back to normal refresh interval.
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    This is a common complaint we get from users after enrolling they have to wait a long time, sometimes several hours, to get applications installed. This is due to a small delay on the SCCM server for collections to update after enrollment. Even though all the collection membership updates take just a few minutes, the Parallels client won't check for policy for an hour causing long delays between enrollment and app installation.

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