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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for iOS' started by RandalV, Oct 7, 2022.

  1. RandalV

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    Seeing SSL certificate is revoked only on Macs in the HTML5 version but can bypass by adding to safe sites. But it still shows that the certificate is invalid. In the Parallels client application. Logs show SSL cert revoked and it does not allow it to connect.
    This all works fine on Windows PCs. Certificate is valid and Parallels client work normally. Can recreate this on all the Macs. Any Ideas?
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    If both the Parallels Client for macOS and Safari on macOS are saying that the certificate is revoked, then it is probably really revoked.
    The Parallels Client for Windows uses its own certificate list which is updated along with the client and at a different cadence than OS updates. It is probable that the certificate will be marked as revoked on the Windows platform too.
    To test this hypothesis, you can see if the Parallels Web/Html5 Client reports the same issue on MS Edge (when running on Windows). If it works fine on MS Edge, then I would suggest to open an issue with Parallels Support.

    As for still allowing a connection with the Parallels Client for macOS, even though this is unsafe, you should be able to enable the global option "Do not warn if server certificate is not verified" from the Parallels Client's preferences (Parallels Client > Preferences > Advanced).
  3. RandalV

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    HTML5 client works perfectly fine on Windows PCs, all browsers. The preferences setting to "Do not warn if server certificate is not verified" did not change the failure of the client on Macs.
    Also this is not a problem on older Macs running older version of Mac OS
    Here are some verbose logs: modified to xxx. and
    [T 00/00000000/TC889000/P0BCA] 11-10-22 16:26:25 - Connecting to
    [T 00/00000000/TC889000/P0BCA] 11-10-22 16:26:25 - TCP(v4) Socket Connected to handle 0x9
    [T 13/00000005/TC889000/P0BCA] 11-10-22 16:26:25 - TCP Connection over IPv4 to '' ( was successful
    [T 13/00000009/TC889000/P0BCA] 11-10-22 16:26:25 - SSL Connection to was successful
    [W 00/00000000/T120F4E00/P0BCA] 11-10-22 16:26:25 - SecTrust rejected (result: 6)
    [I 13/00000003/TC889000/P0BCA] 11-10-22 16:26:25 - Remote SSL Certificate was rejected by user
    [T 00/00000000/TC889000/P0BCA] 11-10-22 16:26:25 - Try close socket, handle 0x9
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    Hello! Did you manage to fix this?

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