SSL error when using iOS Parallels Client

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    I get an SSL "Not Verified" when connecting into my Parallels RAS Multi-Tenant Environment ONLY when connecting through the Parallels Client from an iOS device to a RDSH session. I am presented with the FQDN using my GoDaddy SSL cert stating it is "Not Verified".

    If I view details I see the following two Extensions showing critical: basicConstraints & keyUsage.

    When viewing my URL through a web browser and checking the properties of the SSL, I see the Intermediate & Root SSL both show up, no errors.

    I used to check my SSL I see it is showing an extra download for the GoDaddy Intermediate SSL for all devices when checking the Certification Paths.


    I have the Intermediate installed on my Tenant Connection Broker / HALBs which shows up OK when checking the SSL in the RAS Console


    Certification path on the RAS Multi-Tenant Console


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