Stage Manager in macOS Ventura and Parallels Coherence mode?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by PeterA23, Oct 29, 2022.

  1. PeterA23

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    Currently, I am running Windows 10 in Parallels 18.0.2 (53077) in Coherence mode on macOS 12.6.
    Does Parallels already run on the new macOS VENTURA? I am particularly interested in how the STAGE MANAGER in macOS Ventura works with Parallels in COHERENCE mode. Are there any experiences on this topic?
  2. VetleH

    VetleH Bit poster

    You can't really use Coherence with Stage Manager.
    * Every time you drag a Windows window, Stage manager throws a different window at you and then that window disappears again as you let go of the window again.
    * Some contexts menus appear as separate windows and then Stage Manager throws away the main window.
    * Some of those context menus disappear immediately when this happens, because the main window lost focus or something. Effectively you just can't use that context menu.
    * Stage Manager randomly decides some Windows windows shouldn't be a part of a Set anymore.

    There's probably more I haven't uncovered yet. Although I must it's genuinely hard to tell if it's any worse than using Stage Manager with regular Mac windows. It's just so buggy and unpredictable. I've been trying to use Stage Manager pretty heavily since Ventura launch day. Some parts are nice, but it's just too buggy and weird to work with something complex like Parallels' Coherence mode. I'm not sure Parallels could make it better if even if they wanted to.

    I guess there are situations where it could work for you, but it really depends on how the Windows programs you use interact with Stage Manager. And you'd have to live with some weird behavior that doesn't necessarily hurt usage, it's just wonky.
  3. PeterA23

    PeterA23 Member

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Regarding Coherence mode in Parallels, I believe Coherence windows shouldn't be too complex for the macOS to handle. Doesn't macOS "see" Coherence windows just as regular MacOS windows? Beyond that, I wonder why Apple publishes something that has so many bugs.

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