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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Android' started by SirpP, May 9, 2017.

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    I'm trying your Android client to connect to a remote TS for an industrial application where the user should be locked into the RDP session. So far it's looking great!

    The only feature that I haven't found yet but I'm sure it must be there is to start an RDP session immediately through an intent instead of going to the session select / configuration screen (WelcomeActivity) first.

    I've noticed the 'LaunchShortcutActivity' activity with the 'prlclient' scheme which looks like what's described here:

    But does it still work exactly as described? And what are the keywords for all other parameters, like the display parameters?

    It would be really great if I could just specify the name of a connection I've already configured and it would open that.
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    The latest documentation is here now:
    It however lacks the required section.

    The documentation for the legacy client has much more information:
    However you will need to make the intent's action "com.parallels.client.intent.action.CONNECT"

    However, I strongly suggest to contact Parallels support so that you get more up-to-date information; maybe they add this information back to the docs :)

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