Start Bar flickers every 60 secs in Coherence Mode

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by J.R. MacReady, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. J.R. MacReady

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    I've seen reports of OS "focus" issues, and this may or may not be related.

    My issue is similar to the one discussed here:

    I run Windows 7 32bit on Parallels version 6.0.11828 on my Snow Leopard MBP 13". When in coherence mode, the Windows start bar attempts to "surface" every 60 secs precisely, but only when a windows app or even windows explorer is "maximized". There is a half second jitter where the bottom or top of the screen flickers and then it happens again 60 seconds later. If in regular "window mode" I set the windows task bar to display at the top of the screen, and then switch back to coherence mode the flicker occurs at the top and bottom of the app's maximized window. If I set the task bar to display at the bottom of the screen, then the flicker only occurs at the bottom of the maximized app window. So I decided to set the Windows task bar to display on the left side of the screen and then went back into coherence mode. The flickering was gone.

    Not sure what caused the problem. But the flickering (may not be the same as the "focus" issue) is no longer visible.
  2. gcbartlett


    I see this too in the latest build. When my Quicken is full screen in Coherence mode, the bottom of the screen jumps up and then back at some time interval. Focus is lost temporarily and worse, items I'm typing into fields is lost.

    Has there been any update on this problem?

  3. paul777


    same problem with line flashing at bottom of screen

    same problem with line flashing at bottom of screen
  4. EricSch


    same problem

    win 7, macpro i7, para6, happens in outlook 2010.
  5. pharaonic


    Same problem.
  6. EricSch


    band aid fix

    i dont know why it all of a sudden started after 6 months of working, but i tried a band aid from the threads.

    moving start bar to the side fixed my problem too.

    i would rather fix the issue, so if anyone figures that out let me know. if you have this issue, do what i suggest and it will likely resolve.
  7. WalterK


    Jump or flicker with Quicken, Win 7, Parallels 6

    I have been experiencing what I think is the same problem, with Quicken 2008, Win 7 64 bit, Parallels 6+. Every 60 seconds, precisely I think, there appears to be a refresh of some sort. If the cursor is in any of the transaction fields, the cursor jumps to the date field and clears what has been typed. In my case, there is no difference if the start bar is on the bottom, on the side, is set to hide or not hide, and whether Windows/Parallels is full screen, coherence, etc. After trying many ways to stabilize things, turning features off and on, I have found that, in the "Virtual Machine Configure" menu, in the "Options" choice, turning off (unchecking) "Time: Synchronize with Mac" fixes the problem. My guess is that once a minute or so (or maybe 30 seconds on some systems) Parallels/Windows updates the Windows time by checking Mac OS X time, causing the "jump."

    While I have been typing this, Quicken has been open with the cursor in the transaction field of an account, and remains there with no jumping, flickering or problems, after having turned off the "update time" choice in Parallels.
  8. DenisA


    The flickering was gone! WalterK TY!

    ty, it s work!
    y a genius!

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