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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by StefanD6, Aug 9, 2022.

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    we use RAS 18 and have multiple folders with desktop.
    We will start only for specific user group / clients desktops automatically, not for all members.
    How i can found this option?
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    Automatic starting on RAS logon (first application listing after logoff) is a per-published application setting.
    Filtering can be applied per published application and/or per folder.
    So you can either:
    • Enable auto-starting on the application you want (Application or Desktop tab > "Start automatically when user logs on") then filter published applications/desktops as required from the Filter tab.
    • For multiple applications/desktops that can be placed in a single folder, the filtering can be configured at the folder level. If the folder should be visible as a folder, enable the "Use for administrative purposes" option and RAS will not show the folder in the listing, but its contents will still be visible. auto-starting will still have to be done per published item.
    • If the applications/desktops need to be accessible to both those that are going to have it for auto-start and those that are not, then I'm afraid that the applications/desktops will have to be duplicated. After the duplication proceed with one of the steps mentioned above. The settings will be disjoint, so changes will have to be manually mirrored if you go for this solution.

    RAS also supports auto-starting on user login to their machine. This is configured in a similar manner. It however works only when the user first logs on the device, not on each RAS logon.

    If none of the above are workable, you can file a feature suggestion (either via the forum or via support). The above can still be used as a workaround in the meantime.

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