Start Toolbox and Quit when Parallels is launched/closed

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What Toolbox applications do you use when Parallels isn't open and/or running a VM?

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  1. Henry-In-Florida

    Henry-In-Florida Bit Poster

    You should have a preference to auto-launch Parallels Toolbox on the Mac side when the Parallels app is opened and quit it (Toolbox) when Parallels app closes, to reduce clutter on the menu bar. I don't see the need for when Parallels isn't running. If there is a reason for it to be in my menu bar, someone please explain it to me...
  2. Alex Patsay

    Alex Patsay Parallels Team

    Parallels Toolbox is a separate application that provides access to multiple micro-apps, many of which have nothing to do with Parallels Desktop, but improve personal user experience when using Macs. That's why it operates separately from Parallels Desktop. Hope this helps.

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