Starting a virtual machine crashes Mac Pro (new Intel tower)

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by faddante, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Redshark

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    I initally got Parallels to work with the hack from the first page. However, I really need multiple monitor access in Parallels so I put using Windows on my Mac Pro on the back burner. I have some free time today, and it looks like multiple monitor support is not high on the list of priorities with the Parallels folks. So I decided to mess around with it today to see if I could figure something out.

    When I try to Power On Windows XP, I get the following error:

    Unable to allocate virtual machine memory!

    This error may occur mostly if there is no enough free disk space available on the physical disk to allocate virtual machine paging file. Try to clean up the physical disk (remove unnecessary files). If it doesn't help, try to re-install Parallels Desktop.

    Any one else have this problem? I have restarted my computer, and tried to Power On several times with not luck.

    Thanks in advance.

    edit: Bah nevermind. I just found the thread for this problem.
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  2. jelevy

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    Sorry, going to bump this cause I am realllllly looking forward to this release. I tried the hack and it works okay.. Seems like their are some other little bugs that need to be worked out.

    Vista won't load the installer for me period. XP installed OKay. Ubuntu wouldn't install but would boot the live cd.
  3. joem

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    Lack of Vista support is documented. It's been promised for the next major release. It will require a new virtual BIOS.

    Others have reported success installing Ubuntu.
  4. jaudebeau

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    We will update Beta build, will send direct mails and post announcement on forums. Stay tuned.[/QUOTE]
    To day I tried to run parallels desktop:
    It behaves the same way and crshes happily…
    I will wait for a revised version.
    But before it is released, I fear that my trial activation key will become obsolete.
    I wish to test the software before I buy the complete version.
    How this problem will be solved ?
  5. andrewket

    andrewket Bit poster

    I agree

    I second this statement. I went to the FAQ assuming to find a statement if the Mac Pros were currently not supported and didn't find anything. I submited a ticket and DID get a timely response, but we could have saved our mutual time with one quick additional to the FAQ.

  6. buzzdat

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    If the ubuntu install is hanging at the "configuring apt" stage, then there is a workaround. Simply open a terminal window (or use ctrl-alt-F2), type "ps -ax | grep http", and note the process id's for any http processes running. Type "sudo kill {processnumber}" and the install will proceed. You'll have to do this a couple of times.

    At this stage of the install, it's trying to contact apt repositories but networking hasnt been fully initialized; I've seen the same problem under VMWare.

    Alternately, you could do a server install of Ubuntu followed by a "sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop" - this will give you the same result.

    Ubuntu runs extremely well under Parallels on my machine - performance is on par with my previous box (athlon 1800+ w 1 gig ram). Pretty impressive for a $80 virtualization product.

    Now if I could only get OS/2 warp to install, I'd be set (got a few customers still running os/2)

    == Steve
  7. IscariotJ

    IscariotJ Member

    For those wanting Ubuntu Server, read this thread -

    Others on this board have tried, and can confirm that it works. If it's the desktop version of Ubuntu you're having problems with, try allocating 512 to the VM. It seems to be very picky about the amount of memory it has. Failing that, try Xubuntu/Kubuntu, both of which work fine.
  8. thingi

    thingi Bit poster

    I really hope the posted work around works on a mac mini with a Merom T7400 2.16Ghz...... My engineering sample is due in the post tomorrow :)

    Talking of other things it would be nice if parallels worked in Leopard too. It's a shame I get odd colour corruption in the parallels front end and for some reason parallels thinks my disk images are currpt and wont boot em' sigh :(

    Still at least they've got a few months to sort out Parallels before Leopard ships HINT, HINT ;-)

  9. maxfalco

    maxfalco Bit poster

    IF that's true...this guy's scr00d. lol :D

    *knock knock*
    who's there?
    "Apple Legal Enforcement Police! Get down on the ground motha f*cker!"
  10. thingi

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    actually no, I've not broken any rules, I'm not talking about the os, merely an application within an os, that not a breech of an NDA.

    Also *some* people do actually have legal copies ya know, we called developers :)

  11. j-active

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    Godspeed Parallels!

    Thanks for the hard work getting this out. I need it ASAP.
  12. buzzdat

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    Mac Pro / XP guest networking question

    I'm able to run with the suggested legacy/maxmem options on my mac pro, but I'm stuck having to toggle the mtu size on the host (to huge frames and back to 1500) before browsing will function in the XP guest. I've also made the suggested regisry changes on the XP side, with no apparent effect.

    Is this a problem with the general product, or a side effect of the mac pro incompatibility?

    Overall, LOVE the application, and look forward to running it without the legacy options.
  13. wad

    wad Junior Member

    Any word on the progress from the parallels team?
  14. garyploski

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    Here is the announcement:
    Mac Pro Compatibility

    Updates can be found here:

    On 8/29 Benjamin wrote:

    1) Is Parallels Desktop compatible with the new Mac Pro tower?
    Not yet. The new Mac Pros have a different CPU model, and work with a specifically optimized OS X kernel. It is not difficult to make Parallels compatible with either of these, but it does take a bit of time. We should have a compatible build very soon.

    2) "Very soon" sounds like marketing-ese for "we'll have something someday."
    When I say very soon, I mean very soon. Like within the next few days.

    3) How will we find out when the build is ready?
    If you're signed up to receive Parallels news, you'll get an email from us with instructions on how and where to get the build. Not signed up? Just enter your email address on the main Parallels home page and you'll be good to go.
  15. wad

    wad Junior Member

    Gary, thanks for the reply I was hoping for an actual Parallels employee like Andrew to respond, as yes we have all read the post by Ben. It has been more than a few days its up to day 4 since his post. I was wanting an update on the progress not an update of someone who read the blog and wanted to repost it.

    So hopefully someone from Parallels can say its gonna be next week or maye this weekend.
  16. garyploski

    garyploski Bit poster

    I'd be very happy for an update too but I think an update next week is likely. We all want our MacPro's to stay running (aka not crash hard like presently when parallels is started) with the release so take your time parallels peeps. Though keep in mind, any update is a welcomed update. W3rd.
  17. macaddict

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    Jump to it Parallels team! Master Wad was wanting a reply...:rolleyes:

    Please, don't clutter this forum with yet another release date request.
  18. amin

    amin Member

    I think the status of this fix should be on the front page for their product. As it stands, that page is misleading.
  19. Victor

    Victor Member

    Of course we all want it as soon as possible. I have the money burning a hole in my pocket, but I am waiting for an official release/fix before I buy. I had a trial key, which has now expired, so I hope it wont be long.

    BUT let them get it working correctly, and tested, rather than rush out a quick fix job.

    Rome wasnt built in a day.
  20. amin

    amin Member

    Maybe I missed it, but they do have the status on the front page. Good for Parallels!

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