Starting a virtual machine crashes Mac Pro (new Intel tower)

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by faddante, Aug 9, 2006.

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    I'll leave it at this since this is not the thread for this topic, but I also have a developer build of the OS (yes, its a fully licensed legal copy that I got from going to WWDC). The NDA prohibits you from saying anything about the OS not specifically announced at the Keynote. I was specifically referring, however, to your comment on the Mac mini with a merom, which has not been announced at all yet.
  2. wad

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    hmm, this seems to be draggin on....

    Could we have really been offered up some kind of marketing speak and we gullible end losers ate it up? hmmm

    any news on where this is at?
  3. groovyjason

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    I have to agree. Ben said a few days a week ago, did he mean a few weeks? Any update is appreciated at this point. I can't wait to actually see parallels in action.
  4. FikseGTS

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    crossover beta for mac is available now.... runs great on the mac pro.... you can run windows applications without a copy of windows.....
  5. odin

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    NVRAM settings limit memory

    This might be obvious to others, but I will share it , maybe it will save someone time.

    I just installed two additional 1 GB memory DiMMs in my Mac Pro and only 1 additional GB would show up in About This Mac (showed 2 GB total). All four four DIMMs were listed in System Profiler.

    I set the NVRAM settings back to normal using

    sudo nvram boot-args=""

    as listed in the first page of this thread, and now System Profiler and About This Mac show 3 GB.

    Looking forward to next release of Parallels...
  6. Pleiades

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    CrossOver didn't run so great on my Mac Pro. I tried to install one program and it froze during installation. After powering off my Mac, I got a kernel panic right before the booting process was done. Uh oh. Rebooting didn't help as it would kernel panic each time. Uninstalling CrossOver didn't help, even after removing every trace of it. Uninstalling little-used drivers and apps didn't help either. It would boot ok in safe mode but not in normal mode. The logs were useless as each kernel panic seemed to take place in a different process.

    Eventually I had to completely reinstall my Mac OS. Fortunately for archive and install, it was a relatively painless process.

    I've crossed CrossOver off my list until it is far more stable. Without Parallels working on Mac Pros or CrossOver, I had to resort to Boot Camp. At least I have a working version of Windows Vista up and running on my Mac Pro.
  7. dracula

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    This CrossOver product, if you check it out, is very problematic. Since they do not use a Windows OS, they have to check each Windows application to see if it works with their code.

    On their website, they have an application compatibility list (with 2000 entries but most of them, untested) where they state the extent of their testing and whether the results are : untested, gold, silver or bronze. Gold indicates that their testing has not uncovered any problems, Bronze means problems encountered. The number of applications that work properly is very limited (5).

    Why would you want this product? For the price of a Windows OS (around $90 for the XP Home) you get every Windows application to work properly when you use Boot Camp or Parallels.
  8. stormj

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    Some new notes

    (1) Manually configuring the MTU in the Mac OS X system preferences seems to solve the problem. I still don't exactly agree with some of the rationalizations (especially since that IS the default setting, and IP discovery should figure this out since I'm on ethernet...) but I'm not concerned with that. It works. (I have not tried it without ALSO setting the MTU at 1500 in XP.) Results improved on the LAN side. Changing the settings in XP alone resolved my internet issues.

    (2) New kernel panic scenario: in addition to just running Parallels without the nvram command, and the suspend/revive kernel panic, I found an additional one. If you experience a power outage, and the mac does not shut down regularly, the next start up of Parallels results in a kernel panic. Reboot normally, and all is well.

    (3) This is odd, and I have no explanation, but empirically, I find that when I get an error message from Parallels and have to restart the VM, waiting until the low 20 seconds before selecting "Start Windows Normally" decreases the likelihood of another crash.

    Hopefully, we get a fix soon.
  9. FikseGTS

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    wow, that's a bad experience, I installed it, ran internet exploder for windows, and another windows app I custom installed and was working.... I bought parallels, but of course it doesn't run on my Mac Pro..... :mad:

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    I thought this was a parallels desktop forum? no wonder I didnt see the new parallels beta download here that works with mac pro.....

    Official day count Since Ben's post: Aug 29, 30 ,31,Sep 1,2,3,4,5 hmm, seems like we are in weeks now, not days.

    Actual official since the thread starter faddante made his post that alerted Parallel's staff of the issue: 08-09-2006, 05:47 PM
    Aug 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31, sep 1,2,3,4,5.....

    hmm, thats a whole month....

    Good thing we didn't fall for that: "Very soon" sounds like marketing-ese for "we'll have something someday."

    Come on parallels staff make a post!
  11. stingerman

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    Nothing NDAish in that. Anyone can put a Merom into a current Mini Duo, its socketed and already been done.

    It doesn't mean that he is in on Apple's future releases. But, heck, the WWDC keynote of 2005, Steve said we only need to follow Intel's roadmap. So it's no secret.
  12. Quadzilla

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    New 64 Bit iMacs Core 2 Duo

    See Post below
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  13. Quadzilla

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    New 64 Bit iMacs Core 2 Duo

    Are these machines going to face the same problems and hang-ups as our Mac Pro's?

    Parallels is a very small company and it is very evident in the way they have handled this Mac Pro issue. It took weeks for them to post a warning on their site in order to not misguide consumers.

    Well despite this whole mess, I have $80 ready to lay down. ...But I will trial the revision to double check that it will be usable for my specific apps.
  14. FikseGTS

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    a few weeks ago, there was an article stating they had already sold 100,000+ copies....

  15. BlueSkyISdotCOM

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    "(3) This is odd, and I have no explanation, but empirically, I find that when I get an error message from Parallels and have to restart the VM, waiting until the low 20 seconds before selecting "Start Windows Normally" decreases the likelihood of another crash."

    I thought that I noticed this as well. Being "more patient" before starting Windows seemed to keep it from crashing repeatedly on restart.
  16. wad

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    Lots of us already layed down the money in anticipation of getting our mac pro's :confused:
  17. zzzachi

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    mac pro support


    if you're a little bit cunning you can download 2 inofficial betas since the last one...
    i tested them both and they don't run at all on my my mac pro :-(

    the progress doesn't seem to be as good as they were hoping....
    i really hope they get this done anytime soon!
  18. boulie

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    well said wad...the only thing worse than waiting is being told the fix is coming shortly...then not delivering!

    I, like many others in this thread, put my money down and am trying to be patient...but the lack of response from Ben and the Parallels team in general is unacceptable.

    I can live with an honest answer of "it's coming soon" but this sound more like "the checks in the mail".
  19. patrickmast

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  20. TwitchyOne

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    I'm totally baffled by all the gripes here about the software not being ready for the
    Mac Pro. Boohoo! Cry me a river! It ought to be obvious in this day & age that when
    new hardware comes out, your favorite software is not going to work on it right
    away!!! I've checked plenty of other Mac/PC-built software & most of it is not yet
    available for Mac Pro consumption. I wouldn't even purchase a new machine
    without first finding if my favorite/necessary software would work on it first.

    Although I didn't find any info on Parallels website about not supporting Mac Pro,
    I simply did a google along the lines of "Mac Pro Parallels" & found this
    thread! It's pretty easy to find support information by using Google. You
    people that like to live on the cutting edge of technology ought to know better,
    instead of registering shock & dismay like a noob would.

    Here are some tips, especially for those that haven't bought a Mac Pro yet
    like myself. Make a checklist of the software you want to run on it, then start
    googling for support or check the website. Verify if it works or has bugs or
    crashes reported under support. WAIT until your checklist shows stable
    releases of the software you want to run on it, THEN go buy your Mac Pro
    & software. Although masking a support-related issue isn't my favorite
    business strategy, I have worked at places that do this. They refuse to
    say no & let the problem manifest itself until it's fixed. Obviously if it was
    an easy problem to resolve they would've done it by now.

    Honestly, I can't believe people would just blindly drop $2500+ on a box
    without doing the fact-checking first. A fool & his money I guess...Best
    bet is to wait until Spring maybe after the next release of OSX is going
    to come out. Let's hope Parallels won't have the same problem with
    the next release of OSX (or specialized version for the Mac Pro).

    Twitchy One.

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