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  1. Chri12345


    I want to start a specific VM from an alias in the Dock, and launching a Windows application would be nice, too. What I am asking for already works in Coherence mode, but I have the machine configured to start in a Window.

    1. If i start by clicking on an alias (say, IE) in the Dock, the VM always comes up in Crystal, even though the configuration says to start in Window.

    2. Clicking on the "Parallels Desktop" icon does what the configuration says to do, no problem there. And once it is started, I can click on IE in the Dock to launch IE inside the Window.

    Given the fact of #2, it seems that #1 might simply be a bug. Or maybe I have not set up something correctly?

    3. Related: Can I make an alias in the Dock that will launch a specific machine, so that I don't have to go through the Virtual Machines menu and select one? That would get me halfway there, and in fact I would do it all the time to start the machine even when I didn't want to launch a particular application yet.
  2. Solo


    Same problem

    Is there any solution? Thats annoying!
  3. ChingyC


    I have the same issue, looked all over the threads but can't find any related topics.[​IMG]
  4. Rob C.

    Rob C. Bit Poster

    I filed a support request and had a technician log into my machine to try to troubleshoot. Beyond realizing that Parallels tech support don't understand their own software, after 2 hours of trying to "solve" the issue, the technician finally said that it is not possible to launch applications via aliases in the dock and have it obey the startup view preference set in the configuration. It will always launch in Coherence mode. This is completely unacceptable. Parallels should obey the preference set in the configuration. This is especially important because the Coherence mode for Windows 8 is so broken it makes using Metro apps in Coherence mode unusable.
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