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Discussion in 'Parallels Image Tool' started by Alex Tilley, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Alex Tilley

    Alex Tilley

    Hi there, I am on Parallels 3.0 and have been trying to increase the size of my C: drive after months of continuous messages that I am low on disk space. I stupidly (probably through frustration) increased the size in Image tool to the maximum of 128GB, but this is far too big and now I cant reduce it. The change in size has not yet been recognised by XP (i.e. In DISKPART the volume size of C: is still 3GB). Is there a way to change the value in image tool or has this already been completed?
    I managed to create another 10GB partitioned disk (Y), but all programs automatically try to install onto the C drive (obviously) so this is actually no use other than for data storage.
    Any thoughts anyone?
  2. Stuw

    Stuw Parallels Developers


    Parallels Image Tool can't decrease disk capacity, and I guess that you don't need it. You need just increase drive C.
    You can increase drive C: using special tool from Acronis or Powerquest.
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    it was really helpful topic :)
    thanks for sharing..

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