Still over 100% CPU Usage . . . HELP

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by JohnH36, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. GiampaoloE

    GiampaoloE Bit poster

    Just done! Tech report: 350771655

    Hoping for a solution :)
  2. Hi, d you have over 100% CPU on the mac and VM side?
  3. JamesD16

    JamesD16 Bit poster

    Thanks for the info, this discussion will help many newbs like me.
  4. GiampaoloE

    GiampaoloE Bit poster

    Hi Maria. prl_dsp_service randomly going over 100% cpu usage (over 300 % every now and then...)
  5. JoelW3

    JoelW3 Bit poster

    I posted this in another thread, but appears relevant here for you guys. I had to share as this has been driving me crazy for weeks.

    I found the resolution to my high CPU usage when I checked on Windows 10 Task manager - it was a process called 'outlook communications' which was running in the background and causing the whole Macook (I9 with 64 GB ram!!!) to heat up, fans to spin wildly and battery to drain.

    I deleted mail on windows in 'uninstall/remove programs' and my CPU usage has dropped from 100 - 500% to a deliciously acceptable 5 - 20% ;)
  6. Hello, please sorry for the late reply.
    Could you please collect the tech report once the issue reproduced and post the report's ID here.
  7. OliverB9

    OliverB9 Bit poster

    same issue here
    windows 10 started for 5 minutes, no action CPU Use 228%
    MAcBook Pro 16" 1 TB SSD 64GB RAM
    For Windows 3 Cores 32GB 166 GB Free Disk for Windows
    tech ID 352387544
  8. Hello, thanks a lot for the provided information.
    It looks like a known issue and it has been already escalated to the Parallels Engineering team.
    as a probable solution please perform the disk_tool_check as described here.
    (please make a backup copy before making any changes)
  9. OliverB9

    OliverB9 Bit poster

    Thank you for the information, but they don't fixed the problem. The CPU Usage is 110% The fans runs at 5600 r/min (left) 5220 r/min (right)
    prl_disp_service is at 0,1 % CPU
    Tech ID 352453729
  10. Hello guys, we would like to inform you that Parallels Desktop update 16.1.0 has been release recently.
    Please update your Parallels Desktop version to the latest build and check the issue.
    Please share any results with us.
  11. OliverB9

    OliverB9 Bit poster

    The new update is installed. The CPU usage of windows 10 is still 120% if 2 cores are assigned in parallel and increases with each additionally assigned core. As a result, the temperature rises and the fans run at maximum.
    It also seems to me that the CPU load increases with network accesses, but this is subjective.
    Wenn I close windows, it tookes 1-2 Minutes and the fans spin down to moderate 3000 r/min.
  12. SaehoonD

    SaehoonD Junior Member

    I use Catalina.
    I tried with Parallels 15 and 16 trial versions and the problem still persists, not much difference.
    I had no problem when I used Windows7 a long time ago and it happened after upgrading Windows10. I also reinstalled more than 2 times to resolve this issue.
    Also, as I said, the Window Server 2003 got the perfect performance with Parallels 13.
  13. BrettCo

    BrettCo Bit poster

    Similar to other users, I'm running macOS Catalina with the latest version of Parallels (v16.1.0) with Windows 10 installed. I have this configuration on two separate machines, both with their own licenses for Parallels. Both machines have this problem (even after the 16.1.0 update) and it ONLY started happening after purchasing the upgrade licenses to Parallels 16 Desktop. This problem is persistent and makes the VM(s) run very slow, almost unusable. Default settings are being used in the configuration panel for each machine so it's not a misconfiguration issue. Additionally, I've submitted a support ticket with a technical data submission reference and all that I've received so far is the recommendation to check this KB: which was more or less pointless.

    I hope this is something that can be resolved completely and quickly because it's causing some serious problems for us when we use one of the machines for business.
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  14. OliverB9

    OliverB9 Bit poster

    we also use catalina.
    The fans are so loud because of the CPU usage that concentrated work is not possible.
    We have had good experience with parallels for years, but are due to the noises. The temperature of the CPU and the speed of the fan are also not good for the hardware in my opinion. We are forced to find an alternative to parallels.
    Tech ID 352865859
  15. Hello,
    did you get this issue when you start Parallels Desktop, or Windows or any specific Windows application?
  16. OliverB9

    OliverB9 Bit poster

    The CPU load only occurs when using Paralles / Windows. But then permanently. When you exit Windows, the fans runs at 5.600 r/min for another 5 minutes. I have installed virtualization software from another provider, the problem does not occur here with the same use.
  17. Could you please provide us with 2 screenshots (when the issue reoccurs): 1 screenshot of the Activity monitor and the second one of your Windows Task Manager?
  18. LexC

    LexC Bit poster

    Hi all,
    I know this isn't a huge amount of use to those of you that are still having problems but for anyone else we were also seeing constant 100% CPU usage on our Parallels Win 10 machine. Just ran the update to 16.0.1 (Build 48919) and after the Parallels Tools update on the Windows machine had completed, the usage dropped to normal levels. We're running Parallels on a Mac mini 2018 with 64GB RAM with 8 processors & 32GB RAM assigned to the VM.
  19. Hello, did you test it with the latest Parallels Desktop build 16.1.0? Did you get the same behavior?
  20. IharK

    IharK Bit poster

    I have the same issue
    Version 16.1.0 (48950)
    Windows 10

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