Still strange video problems with 5160....

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    As I reported before in thread 14572, there have been strange video problems since the last 2.5 build. I run two programs, both of them do rudimentary animation, probably both use OpenGL. Both have video problems with any of the 3.0 builds, including the latest. This is on the older Intel MacBook Pro, 10.4.10 OS. The setting of the DirectX box makes no difference.

    One program is OneCNC, a CAD/CAM program. In it, tool path simulations are run to check CNC machine tool programming. During these simulations, parts of the window blink rapidly, rendering the simulation unusable. There are some differences in behavior between the first 3.0 builds and the most recent, notably a long delay in beginning the simulation once started. The blinking is also more regular and rapid. Still unusable. This program is typical of CAM programs, very high value (in the minds of the developers...) and protected by a dongle. The authors are absolutely paranoid of copying and are very unlikely to provide a copy for test.

    The second program is called SeeYou, from Naviter ( It is a program designed for analyzing and planning sailplane flight. It will read the GPS log file and recreate the flight over an animated 3D terrain map. This works, but is considerably slower, with jerking halts every few seconds compared to the same run on 3214 build. You can download an evaluation copy of this software for free.

    Nor was the most recent install problem free - a few issues like the install disk once mounted will not eject, you must restart; there are many warnings and errors issued by Windows when it is first started, etc. This is the sort of thing you expect of Windows programs, but pretty unusual in the Mac world.

    I guess it is back to 2.5. I kind of think I should get my money back on the upgrade, as I cannot use it. Wonder who I talk to?

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