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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Cymru, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Cymru

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    Whenever i open a .doc or .inf .etc.. Parallels opens and starts.

    How can i stop it doing this. Even after on OSX when i click on a .doc and choose to 'open with' and select Word in OSX and then 'Always open with' other .docs will open parallels.

    I did do a quick search before i posted this as i thought it would be a fairly common issue. Sorry if i just couldnt find it.

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  2. Purplish

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    Do a search on SmartSelect. Also look in the Parallels Knowledge Base on SmartSelect.
  3. Cymru

    Cymru Junior Member

    Thanks, i didnt know it was called smartselect. Did abit of reading and with the latest build there is an option to turn it off so im updating now.

  4. LynnQ

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    Hi there,

    I found the solution to a similar .pps problem I was having just yesterday. Here's the question and answer that I found which solved the problem completely. Hope it helps you too. This was on the Microsoft Entourage newsgroup.

    Good Luck!

    On 21/07/2007 21:11, in article, "ARNOLD
    HONICK" <> wrote:

    > Since installing Parallels 3.0 all Entourage attachments open in the Windows
    > Virtual Machine instead of using Microsoft Word for Mac. How do I set the
    > Mac version of Word as the default to open these and other attachments. I
    > using Microsoft Entourage 2004.
    > Can anyone help?
    > Arnie

    Does it only happen with certain attachments (such as Microsoft Office
    files)? Drag one of these attachments to the Desktop, select it and
    ctrl-/right-click it. Click on "Get Info" from the contextual menu, and make
    sure the "Open With" section is expanded. Select the Macintosh program you
    would like to open these files with, then hit "Change all". From now on,
    documents in that file format will be opened with the application you've
    just specified. Note that you will repeat this procedure for every kind of
    file that opens in the virtual machine instead of Mac OS X. In other words,
    if you've just told Mac OS X to open Word files with Mac Word, you will need
    to repeat the same procedure with other files, such as Excel, PowerPoint and
    so on.

    Michel Bintener
    Microsoft MVP
    Office:Mac (Entourage & Word)

    ***Always reply to the newsgroup.***

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