Stopping VM quits Parallels app

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by jorn, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. jorn

    jorn Bit poster

    I'd like to edit the VM settings, but I can't do that if the VM running. If I stop the VM, Parallels quits.

    Help! I'm caught in a causation loop! :confused:
  2. aguydude

    aguydude Member

    Step 1: Stop the VM.
    Step 2: Hold down the Apple Key
    Step 3: Start them VM, continuing to hold down the Apple Key.

    You can also start up parallels and then open the vm config file (as opposed to opening the config file directly, which causes the vm to start up).
  3. mrfen

    mrfen Bit poster

    I also find this frustrating. I have my vm's on an external drive. I just want to open the Parallels app. But, since it cannot find the vm files, it opens a windows to create a new vm. If I hit cancel, the parallels app closes. Can't we have a way to keep the app running?
  4. macwinuser

    macwinuser Bit poster

    Starting Parallels while holding the Apple Key down worked for me to solve this frustrating issue also. Thank you!

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