Strange video problem after last Parallels update

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by hansmol, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. hansmol


    I tried to search for this problem but cannot find it, so I try it here with a new thread.
    Ever since I upgraded to: Build 7.0.15054 (Revision 722853; December 16, 2011) I experience problems when I use a graphical application inside Win7.
    eg. when I start MSN all works fine until I switch on my webcam.
    The screen freezes and becomes totally black (inside Parallels screen, running 'windowed' mode) then, sometimes it returns and works fine and then sometimes it crashes and Windows gives me the option to search for a solution or restart.
    If I search for a solution it tells me something is wrong with a driver and I need to re-install Parallels Tools according to:
    This is just a reference to re-installing PTools but that doesn't solve anything.
    I also have a warning in the taskbar where the Action Center Flag shows me 1 issue needs resolving:
    Problem with one of the video drivers, please visit Parallels website at: (same URL).

    I re-installed Parallels Tools now 3 times but the problems keep occuring.
    Is this a known issue or something new ?

    Thanks for any insight on this.
  2. hansmol


    Nobody ?
    Am I really the only one with this issue ?

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