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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by MikeFromMesa, Dec 11, 2017.

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    I have been running Windows 8 under Parallels on my Mac and finally decided to update to 8.1. I went through the update process, got all the way to "Setting up" and now am stuck at 82%. It has been sitting there, at 82%, for about 15 minutes now, and I will let it continue for another long while before I take any drastic action, but still ...

    I am worried about shutting down the VM during the update as I do not know where that might leave me, and I do have a backup of the Windows ppm file if needed, but would rather not have to go through those hours of updates that I did prior to updating to 8.1. Does anyone have any suggestions?


    Well, after about 20 minutes it finally got to 86% so perhaps I just need a bit more patience.

    Sorry for the unnecessary post.
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