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    Hang on a minute....

    In the beginning there was no parallels tools and parallels worked.

    Then there was the introduction of parallels tools and whenever there was an issue with the operation of parallels it became clear that all the technician did to repair it was reinstall parallels tools..

    Now they have their hand out for monies to be paid annually, for something that they built in to be an intrinsic element of parallels operation.....

    In Donald Trump terms, that would amount to treason....
    But then, this is the internet, all bets are off, I guess...
  2. sergk

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    I think you're mixed up Parallels Tools with Parallels Toolbox.

    Parallels Tools - are the set of auxiliary programs that make work inside Virtual Machine convenient and comfortable. Parallels Tools is a part of Parallels Desktop product and you need no to pay for it. Not before, not now and not in the future.

    Parallels Toolbox - is a completely separate product. It gives you some tools to simplify your everyday work on Mac (or Windows).
    Some versions of Parallels Desktop offer you free usage of Parallels Toolbox. Newest versions of Parallels Desktop offer some period of time to use Parallels Toolbox free.

    If you don't want to pay for Parallels Toolbox or don't want to use it - just do it. Parallels Desktop still continue work.

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