Support ARM-base macOS Desktops

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    With Apple's new announcements at the recent WWDC, Tim Cook stated that they are moving away from the Intel architecture in favor of their own proprietary ARM processors. This is huge on many levels.

    I have been successfully running Windows on my iMac for years using Parallels and wish to continue doing so. Please find a way to implement ParallelsVM under this new hardware architecture. It would really suck to have to buy a small Windows laptop just to support the few applications that I HAVE to run under Windows 10.

    Thank you very much.
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    Hello @HalS1 , Thanks for reaching out. You can find all information regarding Parallels and Apple Silicon here: Be sure to subscribe to our blog to be first to get updates regarding future releases. We look forward to sharing more information in the future. Thanks a lot and have a nice day

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