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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Salim, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Salim

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    Dear all,

    I am new to Parallels and this forum, but unfortunately could not find anything on that issue: I am trying to open an application via Steam (a game called "death stranding") on my Parallels. I get the following error message: "Your graphics card Parallels Display Adapter (WDDM) does not support DirectX 12 features." Did anybody encounter that and know how to solve it?

    Kind regards Salim
  2. Hello, Parallels Desktop doesn't support DirectX 12 yet
    You can check this blog article for more information about the Parallels Desktop 16 features.
    If you would like to leave any suggestions please post it here.
  3. LauraB4

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    @Maria@Parallels Any information we could get on the roadmap/estimate/whether it's going to even happen for DirectX 12?
  4. Carl_W_Walker

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    @Maria@Parallels @ParallelsCares Would be great to know if DirectX 12 support is even on the roadmap for a future version....any update at all?
  5. SamanH1

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