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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by lsantiagos, Mar 6, 2021.

  1. lsantiagos

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    Hello All,

    I was reading in the documentation for the Parallels RAS client for linux that the Raspberry / ARM version has been discontinued.
    What is the alternative for those who need to use raspberry?

  2. VicJ

    VicJ Bit Poster

    Hope to continue to update the Raspberry/ARM version.
  3. PatrickD8

    PatrickD8 Bit Poster

    I have never used Parallels Client on the Raspberry Pi before. Therefore i can hardly share experiences about it.
    The last working version was 16.5.3. This can still be downloaded:

    As an alternative, I would recommend the HTML5 client. This can do a lot and should work very resource-efficiently even on the Pi.
    If the performance does not work as desired, activate the hardware acceleration in the browser.

    What might also be an option is an emulator such as box64:
    Haven't tried this with the Parallels Client before, but had good experience with other software.

    Best regards

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