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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac Feature Suggestions' started by BobbiC, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. BobbiC

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    I have a lot of great software that is FDD Bassed and works on classic mac
    I tried to install Os9 but the dose of installing parrelles does not reconise the installer so I can not make it happen,
    Help. I own the Os installation disk before and I want to use my old software
  2. mabam

    mabam Junior Member

    I don't see a chance for this to happen. Firstly because Parallels Desktop is virtualisation software and not emulation software. This means that within Parallels on an Intel Mac you can only install an OS that is written for the Intel platform. Secondly because the relatively small number of persons who would use Mac OS 9 with Parallels do not justify the effort it would take to implement PowerPC emulation in Parallels Desktop.

    However, there is (free) software like Qemu or SheepShaver that does allow emulation of Mac OS 9 and earlier versions (look at It does take a little more time to set up, though.

    I would like to see Parallels Desktop to support macOS for Intel on Apple Silicon machines. Though this would really make sense for many customers, I don't think this is going to happen either, for part of the reason I already mentioned above: Parallels Desktop is not emulation software.
  3. MacCentris

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    Hey guys, found this thread by accident and I was about to post a question about whether installing OS 9.5 in my parallels is possible. In the list for emulation capabilities I saw the bottom where it says:
    • Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server 10.6.x
    • Mac OS X Leopard Server 10.5.x
    • and many more...
    "And many more..." doesn't cut it for me. I need a list of what is confirmed to work and what doesn't. As I understand, some Macs at the time had either limited or full 64bit capabilities, and I'm wondering how "low" (or back) can parallels go, down the Mac OS memory lane. If you think about it, Mac OS 10.2 I believe could still emulate 68k. Wondering if anyone has attempted anything like it. I tried Sheepshaver a long time ago (2005) and wasn't impressed. Many of my favorite games weren't even supported. There was another emulation really famous at the time, it was "ok" but not as good as it should've been. These projects need more "oomph"!

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