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    In our company we switch users inside a single windows sessions with our SSO (Evidian) solution. Parallels keeps the first loged in user cached somewhere, so we can't reconnect to another parallels-session with the correct user.

    For example:
    User1 logs in on the PC and opens in Parallels Client a application, user1 logs in with his credentials in the application.
    User2 logs in on the same PC and opens the same application in Parallels and user2 is working under the account of user1.

    Is there any solution for this problem or do we need to change some settings?

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    @VincentS10 Does each user have a separate local windows session/user profile or are they sharing the same local windows session/user profile?
    1. If using a single local windows user profile, then the same parallels client instance is being used so each user can be given a separate connection (with a unique friendly name). It is possible to force logoff via user policies after a certain amount of time. However, different connections with different usernames do not normally use the same remote user session.
    2. If using two separate local windows sessions, then each parallels client instance should have a different set of settings and each session will be different unless they use the same username/password to connect to the published application.
      Unless you (or one of your administrators/IT team) has configured specific registry settings or installed the client in a non-standard way (such as with special command line arguments), a normal installation will not share usernames across different local windows sessions/user profiles.
      As a first step in self-resolution, I would install the latest client manually on a separate (clean) test machine and try to reproduce the issue. If keeps on happening, I suggest contacting support so that more information can be obtained.
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