Synced Folders in Windows guest D:\ drive

Discussion in 'Parallels Provider for Vagrant' started by AnthonyP4, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. AnthonyP4

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    I am having an issue creating a synced folder on a windows 10 D:\ drive
    I have the following in my Vagrantfile
    config.vm.synced_folder "~/code/", "D:/code/"

    When I vagrant up I see:
    dev: D:/code => /Users/myusername/code

    It looks like it creates the folder on the D:\ drive but when I look at it's properties, it shows //psf/D:_code which obviously is not correct.
    Firstly, is what I am trying to do possible? If so what am I doing wrong?
  2. AnthonyP4

    AnthonyP4 Bit poster

    So I did find out it was trying to create a shared folder (through parallels called) \\psf\D[]_code (the [] is some form of unicode symbol which this forum will not allow me to paste here) which doesn't match up to the
    \\psf\D:_code that the shortcut in D:\code is looking for. Can I control this somehow so it can just create something like //psf/code and link that to D:\code?

    Or is there a correct way of achieving this?

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