System gets very hot with PD 18

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by HackerHoffmannG, Sep 1, 2022.

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    I upgraded from PD 16 recently for test purposes. I'm experiencing thermal issues with PD18. Every action in my guest OS (W 10) causes the computer's fans to spin up. Computer is a MacBook Pro 16 from 2019 with the 8-core i9 and the AMD Radeon Pro 5500M, running the latest Monterey version

    While with PD16 everything runs cool and the fans rarely can be heard, with PD 18 especially video playback leads to hot surfaces and the fans whirling to max rev, resulting in just 1,5 hours of battery life. But almost any action inside the guest like scrolling a website or simply opening Outlook already raises temperatures. Oddly, within the VM, there is no significant ressource usage.

    I reinstalled the PD tools (twice), reinstalled Parallesl Desktop itself and tried every setting I could find. The only setting that had any impact at all was the Options -> Optimisation Slider. Dragged all to the left, the situation was somewhat better, but not significantly.

    Switched back to PD 16, reinstalled the PD tools, and all went back to normal.

    Anyone else observing this? What could I have done wrong?

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