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  1. LAD1

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    Hello Dear Parallels Team,

    it would be nice if you could integrate three new features in Parallels Desktop.

    Feature 1: Templates
    I miss this function. I create Template for Windows 10 with my favorite settings for example with the possibility to save it. The next time i choose my Template for Windows with one click and the rest make Parallels. This would be great. ;-)

    Feature 2: Docker Support
    Virtualisation is going to next step with Docker. I think it would be amazing to integrate Docker in Parallels.
    On GitHub is actually an project. It would be fine if Parallels integrate this in a official version.

    Feature 3: Automation Support
    Every Day i start four VMs. It would nice to start this Maschines be setting this up in one time. And then i click one button every day.

    Thanks in advance for making Parallels Desktop better.
  2. alev

    alev Parallels Team

    Hi LAD1,

    Templates are available in Pro and Business Editions. Simply select a VM in Control Center, go to File menu and select either "Convert to Template" or "Clone to Template...".

    Docker Support plugin is made by Rickard von Essen and Parallels employee. It is fully integrated with Parallels.
    We don't include it in every installation package as only a relatively small number of Parallels Desktop users need it.

    You can automate starting all 4 VMs in one click. And there are many ways to do so. Here are 3 to start with:
    1) In Pro and Business Edition you can tune VM configuration, so when you start Parallels Desktop, all VMs will start too.
    Screenshot 2019-01-08 at 17.23.09.png
    2) In Pro and Business Edition you can create a script that use Parallels Desktop command line interface to start VMs:
    prlctl start "Windows 10"
    prlctl start "Ubuntu 18.10"
    prlctl start "WebServer"
    3) Using Automator or Parallels Toolbox Launch tool (the later is easier), you can open VMs .app (inside pvm) or .pvm files and then start it in one click
    Screenshot 2019-01-08 at 17.30.18.png

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