Texture Filtering in NFSMW 2005

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    I am having issues running the game title Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005 version.
    Performance is excelent, however the textures in the game are very low quality.
    To be more specific, there is a video setting called Texture Filtering which affects the sharpness of the textures when viewed at an angle. You can read more about it in Texture Filtering section here: https://tweakguides.pcgamingwiki.com/NFSMW_5.html

    This setting seems to be completely ignored and gives out weird artifacts in several areas of the game. See screenshot and follow the yellow line in the middle of the road from bottom to top. As you can see, the texture quality progressively gets worse, and on a big screen TV it is appaling to look at.

    I'm pretty sure there is support for Texture Filtering in the video driver shipped with Parallels. There are newer, more recent video game titles that do not have this issue. NFSMW 2005 is and old title which requires DX8 or DX9.

    Is someone available to check this?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. David105

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    Bumping in hope that someone takes a look

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