The Application Parallels Desktop canceled shut down.

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    I began using a new VM a couple of days ago (a clone of my original VM) when the VM i had been using became problematic. Now on shut down, I get the following message: "The Application Parallels Desktop canceled shutdown. To try again, quit Parallels Desktop and choose shut down from the Apple menu." Initially, I was getting the same message on shut down with the VM I just quit using. I then discovered the following configuration worked with the previous VM but cancels shut down on the new VM: Start Automatically--When Parallels Desktop starts; Startup View--coherence; On Shutdown--close window--On Window Closedown--Suspend. I know others have had this problem but I couldn't find that anyone provided a solution.
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    THANK YOU. I changed my settings to the ones you recommended and it worked. The behavior wasn't a show stopper but it sure was annoying. Appears to be fixed now.
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