The horse is not dead: Windows 10 Activation/Upgrade Not Working

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by PeterR26, Jul 25, 2021.

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    Parallels Demo 1.6.1:
    Demo-ing Parallels on my daughter's Mac Book Pro.
    Installed the Windows 10 as prompted during parallels setup. Works peachy.
    Would like to activate it as Win 10 Pro....For several attempts. The machine would not launch the microsoft store to purchase / activate. Today it did, perhaps it took me disbaling the pi-hole for it to work. I dunno. But I attempted to update to Win10 pro. As wheels were spinning, the dialog box disappeared and I was left back at system settings. I reboot the machine. Still says Win 10 Home.

    I have a confirmation from Microsoft Store, order complete Win 10 Pro @ $199.00 + Tax.
    No product key that I can see, nor does it display one online in order history.

    Is it always this difficult activating Windows within Parallels.
    Assuming I can get refund (as in MS can't fix this)...What's the easy way? Purchase a KEY and then change the product key avoiding the store altogether?

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