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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by otoc, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. I-che

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    Mark, this funcionality is not provided by Parallels Desktop. Someone posted instruction on this issue on the forum a while ago, but we wouldn't recommend to do so.
  2. wuP

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    i am the guy who has the same problems just like you too,useful suggestion is needed.
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    Good~~you are so clever. i am appreciate you very much~~
  4. Michael N

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    install my broken old Windows PC-data with Parallels

    Hy all,
    I heard that I can install with the Parallels transporter my old PC-sytem from the harddisk.

    My old Laptop with two hard disks inside got broken, but the hard disks are working fine!
    So I can't install the Parallels transporter agent on the PC-System to prepare the data migration like discribed in the P. manual.

    Is it possible to install my windows system without this agent preparation? My Mac-dealer told it will work, but I cannot find a way.

    1. I did a partition with boot camp of the size of my old PC-System
    2. Installed Parallels Desktop 5
    3. Opened the P. transporter
    - option: PC
    - option: from harddisk
    - than opened the program partition on my old hardisk...
    what is the windows file in need to start the migration ... ???

    It would be nice if someone has a hint for me.

    Thank in advance,
  5. TobyT

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    My Two Cents, But Long

    My systems were XP Pro SP2 (with some SP3 and 4 updates, but NOT with SP3 due to unresolvable hardware conflicts) so what I'm reporting relates to that operating system, but might be useful to others. I've done two migrations and have the scars to prove it. Note: I am not using Boot Camp in any of my installations.

    Get your PC ready to migrate first:
    Run chkdsk to repair any errors to harddrive BEFORE you migrate
    Make certain partitions, if any, are the way you want them (although you should download the free Acronis Disk Manager to work with them, you need to know that Acronis DM will not make changes AND be able to save your data as Partition Magic does. So if you need to increase/decrease any partitions prior to the move do it now!
    Download ERUNT (free) and perform a full registry backup.
    Either run Eusing Free Registry Cleaner or the NTREGOPT optimization package that's installed with ERUNT. I think RegistryCleaner may be a more conservative. Be sure you have a backup of your Registry BEFORE running either program to clean out superfluous stuff from your Registry. Be sure to set it up to backup the registry prior to any repairs.
    I use ATF Cleaner (also free, but donations accepted) to clean all temp & junk files, as well as the Recycle Bin. You can select only those areas to be deleted. It's fast and thorough.
    Re-boot and make certain your Registry changes are okay and your system is working properly. If not, restore from the ERUNT backup. RegistryCleaner should be set to store a copy prior to repairing your registry. Being a pessimist, I use both.
    Perform a thorough anti-virus scan of your hard drive(s). I also ran Anti-Malware's thorough scan. You don't want to have any nasties get imported.
    Do a complete backup of your PC to an external hard drive. I used FBackup . . also free and it actually works. I've purchased several backup packages that NEVER worked, so it was nice to find one that did.
    Download Parallels Transporter Agent from the Parallels Website (always download from the website as I've had problems with corrupt CDs right out of the box!)
    Uninstall your anti-virus prior to migration AND either be absolutely, positively certain your firewall, if any, is set so that the local network is "trusted" OR uninstall it as well. A migration via a home network is much faster and the preferable way to migrate BUT it will NOT work if a firewall is in place. And, don't think you can simply uninstall one using Add/Remove Programs. I uninstalled ZoneAlarm, there was no firewall in the task bar, and none in start up (that I could see) but it was there (findable only when we went to Control Panel/Security/. If you have to uninstall, don't waste your time using Control Panel/Add/Remove Programs. Instead download and install Revo Uninstaller (a free uninstaller that saved my bacon several times with programs that left traces which caused all sorts of unanticipated problems). After Revo's done its thing, it will provide a screen with options on how to remove items for from your Registry. I used the Safe mode and manually verified all entries to be deleted. You can let Revo do it automatically OR manually go through and check each item. You will reinstall your anti-virus once the vm is inside the Apple and you can install your firewall there as well. Be sure to empty all temporary files and the Recycle Bin. Reboot.

    Connect either the Parallels-supplied USB cable between the two computers OR make certain both computers are connected to you local TRUSTED network (mine is behind a router, as I believe most are).

    On the Apple, start up Parallels, click Import and the Transporter will appear on your screen. Open the Transporter Agent on the PC. You should see a screen which offers you three methods of migration. Select whichever you wish. In my case, although Device Manager said I had USB2 ports, Parallels reported all of them as 1.1 which would've taken 7 hours to migrate the PC into the Apple. I elected to use the network.

    On the Apple for a network connection, you'll probably be required to log onto the PC with your Administrator password so have it handy. Once the connection is made, things go easily.

    If you have serious problems, it's worth it to pay the $20 for tech support. A serious problem (which I've had on two migrations) can only be resolved by a remote session. In my last one, the tech in Russia (I think) had to open remote sessions on BOTH computers (the PC and the Apple) to finally get the migration to work. With any luck, you won't have to do this.

    Once it's done, shut down your vm and immediately backup the entire apple system (including Parallels and the vm) to an external firewire drive with SuperDuper (which is bootable) - downloadable for free, but the paid version is worth it for SmartBackup. Then, within Parallels, clone your vm (it must be turned off). I bought a LaCie 1T drive which I set up in three partitions: one for SuperDuper Backups, one for the vm clones with the biggest partition (2/3 or more) for Time Machine. Then, you can breath easy.
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  6. skechers

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    If it doesn't help and you can't ungrab your keyboard and mouse - take problem report after restart and post report ID here. It helps us to understand and resolve your problem.
  7. otoc

    otoc Member

    just an update (with earlier config info)

    I upgraded from v4 to v5 on and had an uneventful upgrade.

    Updated to 10.6 and just ran v6 upgrade. no issues with turning of all anti virus and setting up auto login for winXP
  8. NeilS

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  9. peter jerry

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    The locations of the apachectl and http(s)dctl binaries often vary. If your system has locate or whereis or which commands, these can assist you in finding your server control programs.

    Different examples of compiling PHP for apache are as follows:

    ./configure --with-apxs --with-pgsql

    peter jerry
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    I agree with you

    I agree with you ,I think it is a good tools!
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    I having problem with data card connectivity to Mac Book Pro. Thanks for the detailed information about the application installation in Mac Book Pro. Keep updating.
  13. dich thuatd

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    Hi otoc

    Thank you for your detailed instructions, great job.

    Why is it necessary though to install Bootcamp before installing Parallels? I don't recall installing Bootcamp when I installed 3.0 (build 5604) some time ago.

    At the moment 3.0 is working OK for me and interested in upgrading to 4.0 but hesitant because I had some problems reinstalling in the past. I recall having to remove all related Parallel files because the new installation apparently does not remove them.

    In the event that I decide to upgrade, should I just follow your instructions or is there more to do when upgrading?

    Would I need to re-actvate Windows ?
  14. alexusu

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    VM guest

    I'm afraid I don't understand. If you are going to use a Bootcamp install as the guest operating system, it needs to be installed first. Regardless, my main point to make is for users to know firsthand that the BootCamp install is working properly before making it a VM guest. That's to simplify any possible troubleshooting.
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    i just made the update , thank you
  16. jade30l

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    Make sure you have a legit copy of Ms windows otherwise there is a new "Genuine Microsoft Windows" dialogue Windows introduces that cause the automatic conversion process to hang at Step 2 and 3, probably because it is unanticipated the automatic upgrade process.
  17. MikeHill

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    Anyone know what this means? I get it when I try to install linux with Parrallels.

    "(initramfs) Mount: mounting /dev/loop0 on //filesystem.spuashfs failed: Input/output error
    Can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs) on //filesystem.squashfs"

    I can't get it to load.
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    Daily |

    Nice topic,Thanks
  19. SwissReplicaWatchesS

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    An update was released today, but when I go to "check for updates" it tells me I have the latest version. Any ideas why its doing this or how to fix it?
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    I think you don't need to re-install it ! Try it out !
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