The key is already registered in another account

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by JohanA2, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. FritzR

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    Hi , I have the same problem too. I get the error, when I'm trying to register my key. What can I do?
  2. FritzR

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    Hello. anyone there? I need help because it's impossible to activate my Parallels Desktop 13. I always get the same error (see below), whether I try to activate it in the program or add the key to my online account.

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  3. EmiT

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    I have the some problem also. Anyone can help ?
  4. RandyC4

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    I have a license key that is also registered in an old account. The subscription is paid. How do so reqister the key under the right account?
  5. Hi, please provide me with your license key and email, where you would like to transfer your key. (your current Parallels account email)
    Please send it via the private message. (I'll send it to you with the same info)
  6. Hi, you can just reply me back (via the private message) with your license key and email, which you would like to use for it.
    I'll send the same info to you in PM , please reply.
  7. Hi, you key has been registered at your account rco******
    Please check.
  8. Yuan-LiangW

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    Hey, I do have a similar problem recently. I did follow the direction from official web site to use my license key in my new mac. However, I got a problem, the message keep showing "This license key is associated with another Parallels account. Plz sign in using this account and try again.". The wired thing is I go back to reinstall the software and the license key can work. Somehow, I can't move my license to the new computer. Could you please let me know what should I do? Thanks!!
  9. Hi, could you please provide me with your key and email which you would like to use for the key registration?
    I'll send you private message, please just reply on it.

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