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  1. W__7

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    I have installed several virtual machines in Parallels and found that their MAC addresses all start with "00:1c:42". How can I modify the MAC addresses to be completely random?
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    Hello W__7,

    Please be informed that while MAC addresses are automatically generated during your virtual machine's creation, the address can be modified by following the steps outlined below:

    1. Start Parallels Desktop.
    2. Click on the Parallels icon in the Mac menu bar > Control Center > right-click on the virtual machine > Configure.
    3. Click the Parallels Desktop icon in the menu bar and choose Configure.
    4. Click Hardware and then click Network > Advanced.
    5. Type another value in the MAC address field or click the Generate button.
      NOTE: When entering a new MAC address, make sure that it is unique within your network.
  3. W__7

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    thanks for your reply. I did as you said, actually I operated it this way before.
    for example, the current mac address is 00:1C:42:05:75:e3, if i change it to 01:1C:42:05:75:e3, my request will be refused, and a message shows: ... start with 001c42.

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