"The recover server could not be contacted" error on creating Mojave VM

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    So, I'm trying to set up a Mojave VM. Here's how it goes

    1. I launch "Parallels Desktop"
    2. I select "File"->"New"
    3. In the "Create New" window, I choose "Install macOS 10.14.6 Using the Recovery Partition"
    4. I choose "Continue"
    5. In the "Installation Assistant" window, I choose "Install"
    6. I wait...
    7. I deny permissions on the camera and microphone when asked. (My VM doesn't need them.)
    8. I wait...
    9. In the "macOS" window, I choose "English" as my language
    10. In the "macOS Utilities" window I choose "Reinstall macOS"
    11. In the "Install macOS Mojave" window I choose "Continue"
    12. I get the error "The recovery server could not be contacted"

    OK. So I gather the recovery installer (which doesn't contain the full macOS image, which it is trying to download) can't reach Apple's server to download the macOS image. How do I fix this?
  2. RachelS2

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    I found that by switch the network setting to "Ethernet" from "Shared network" the problem resolved.

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