This license key is already registered in a different account. - Unable to reach Support

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by NandakumarT, Feb 8, 2019.

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    This is my very first bizarre experience in finding the utmost difficulty in reaching the support for a product.
    I bought the Parallels Desktop 14 from Apple Store and i have numerous issues in mac at it consumes huge Gigs of space in spite i allocated the only 75G.
    When i tried to contact support, it asks me to register the product.
    When i tried to register my product,i get the following error

    This license key is already registered in a different account.

    Such POOR and MEDIOCRE support from Parallels. There is NO support number/chat online way to reach the parallels support team?
    KB is not a solution for everything and raising a request through FORUM is NOT for a registered product.
    You are supposed to provide dedicated support(Phone and Chat) for all those own the product.
    I need URGENT help ASAP

    Hope to hear from parallels support team ASAP
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  3. Maria@Parallels

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    Hi @NandakumarT Please provide us with your purchase order and the license key and we will check your key and email which has been used for the registration.
    I'll send a private message, just please reply on it with your purchase order number and the license key. Thanks.
  4. NandakumarT

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    Here is the details request. Pls help me ASAP. My windows update got stuck due to insufficient space as Parallels space increased from 74G to 120G

    Order Number: W5******74
    LICENSE KEY: W************DD
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