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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by StanleyY1, Jun 6, 2022.

  1. StanleyY1

    StanleyY1 Bit Poster

    I got a new macbook & I tried to use replace my old computer with my license key & got this error. When I logged into my account, it says that I don't have any Parallels product - I am not sure when I register the key, I made a typo in my email address. I tried logging in and logging out - the issue persisted.
    Please assist.
  2. DebasmitaM@Parallels

    DebasmitaM@Parallels Staff Member

    Hello, we have sent you a private message. Kindly help us with your registered email address over there.
  3. joseM72

    joseM72 Bit Poster

    compre la licencia y vendi mi MacBook, ahora que la quiero activar me sale esta ventana , favor ay├║denme

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  4. GampaA@Parallels

    GampaA@Parallels Staff Member

    Hello JoseM72, Please reply us with the details of your Parallels Desktop account to assist you further. Thanks.

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