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    I am not sure that this post belongs under General Questions as it might better be put under Installation. I just am not sure.

    I have Windows 8.1 installed on my system with the .pvm file stored on an external usb 3 (very fast) ssd. The other day, when running some Windows software, the system asked me if I wanted to install Windows 10. I said OK, but then paused it as I had other things to do and did not want the download taking up my bandwidth. Well, it installed it anyway and placed it on my main ssd.

    I noticed it this morning and tried to run the VM. It seemed to run, but nothing really seems to work. I started the 10 version of IE (Edge?), it connected to the website I wanted but then froze. Recovering the web page worked, but then it froze. I shut down the VM and restarted it, but got the same results. I copied the .pvm file to my external ssd, as I was able to do with my Windows 8.1 pvm file, but then nothing worked at all and the Parallels Desktop showed Windows 10 with a big ?

    I want to remove it and redo the Windows 10 installation, but do not know how. I can move the pvm file to the Trash but suspect that since Parallels knows that it has installed Windows 10 it will not try again. Is there any way for me to remove the 10 installation and be able to redo the installation? I know I can restore my system to before all of this happened, but that seems excessive.
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    Microsoft Edge can freeze: we see people from PC reporting it sometimes. But other apps can run well. Do you need Edge or another browser will do?

    If you still have free disk space and a Windows license, I recommend you to download Windows 10 iso from and install it using Parallels Desktop -> New -> Install Windows .... from ... image file.

    If you don't have a Windows license, let me know.
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    Yes. I have a Windows license, but it is for Windows 8. That system is activated and I had upgraded it to 8.1 when I got the offer to upgrade for free to Windows 10. But I have no idea if my Windows 8 SN works for Windows 10, and I have received no serial number from Microsoft for the upgrade to Windows 10, so I do not see how I can just download the Windows 10 iso file. If there is an embedded SN for Windows 10 in the desktop for the VM I do not know where to look for it.

    When my system upgraded to 10 it created an iso file, but I suspect that if 10 is not working properly, then perhaps the iso file is not valid, and I do not know how I could do an install using it without the 10 serial number. If, on the other hand, you think it is just an Edge issue, then perhaps I should make sure all of the updates are installed before I go through the process of reinstalling.

    Two things. I downloaded the Windows 10 iso file again and it replaced the one on my system. Now things seem to be working properly and even the browser is no longer freezing. I am a bit puzzled, though, as Windows seems to want me to leave the iso file around. The last time I moved it to the trash Windows 10 would not start. Windows 8.1 does not seen an iso file to run, so I do not know why Windows 10 wants one.

    Second, I must have not been thinking clearly when I thought that the upgrade to Windows 10 was free. This is Microsoft and now they are asking me to buy a Windows 10 license. I guess the upgrade was sort of a trial.

    I use Windows only rarely and see no reason to buy a Windows 10 serial number when I have a license for Windows 8.1 and do not really need 10. I will see, but I suspect I will remove the Windows 10 VM as it is not worth spending more than $100 for another Windows version to run under Parallels.
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