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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by Don Sullivan, Sep 27, 2012.

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    I'm having a strange issue with a Windows 7 VM on 10.8.2 and Parallels 8. I have multiple users on my iMac (one for work, one for personal) and have this VM stored in a place that's accessible by both user ID's. I regularly have a need to launch the VM in either of the User accounts for one purpose or another (never both at the same time).

    Here's the scenario:

    User ID#1- Launch the VM and use it as normal and then suspend when I'm finished.
    User ID#2- Launch the same VM and I get a message that the VM is corrupted. I answer that error message and it closes that VM. I then relaunch the same VM again and it works just fine restoring from suspended state.

    Over time, this is also resulting in a growing list of numerically incrementing pointers to the same VM in the Parallels Virtual Machines list (e.g. Windows 7 (1), Windows 7 (2), Windows 7 (3), etc..) that I have to periodically go back and delete manually to clean up the VM list window.

    If doesn't matter which direction this transition happens in, the symptom is the same. Both user accounts have administrator privileges and once the VM is launched, everything works just fine. While only annoying I'm concerned that I'm going to get some sort of corruption building up over time in the VM and would like to fix this before it happens.

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