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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by cetuma, May 25, 2007.

  1. cetuma


    I understand why there is an admin authentication request when using Parallels accessing a BootCamp partition. I don't however understand why some systems require two admin authentications when starting a Parallels/BootCamp partition and another admin request when shutting down the machine while other systems only require a single admin authentication request when starting a Parallels/BootCamp partition to access the partition.

    Why do the systems behave differently for similiar operations? How can I get the systems which require 3 authentications to operate like the system that requires only the one authentication for direct drive access?
  2. Juggernart


    This is a weird problem that was discussed some time ago here:

    I updated directly from build 1970 to current 3188 and since then I allways had to authenticate twice when starting my boot camp partition and once when shutting down.

    I am not sure if it is even a Parallels problem, looks more like a OS X problem:
    I found that when I unmount my boot camp partition manually (drag icon to trash), I sometimes have to authenticate and sometimes not (after restart or even shut down and power on).

    I played around, but haven't found a scheme behind it.
    When I disable my auto login of OS X, on next restart I only have to authenticate once starting boot camp in parallels. This situation seems to stay a while, even after shut down and power on, but next day I have to authenticate twice again.

    My keychain seems ok, as key chain utility says.
    I tried repairing permissions, nothing changed.
    I tried repairing permissions from my boot cd which gave a lot of permission errors.
    It fixed authentication for one day.

    Everytime I think it's fixed, it comes back next day...
    I even had situations of one authentication at startup and one at shut down.

  3. wvdheiden



    The same here. I even think that after an initial login the first time you start a parallels image there should be no more login in.
    I am affraid most users don't notice this because they are running as admin all the time.

  4. Juggernart


    I have one user-account. My system preference "user" panel says it is an admin account.
    Am I missing something?
  5. wvdheiden


    Nah, you're not really missing something. But part of protection against virusses should be that you do not use your system when logged in as an administrator.(Still) not too dangerous on a mac but deadly on a windows system.:eek:

    But I understand from your reply that being an admin won't help you in this case. Then I am wondering if:
    - either we are the only ones that have this problem
    - or we are the only ones who care about this



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