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    Hi everybody,
    I 've spent some time trying to configure Paralles Desktop 3.4650 in my Macbook 2Ghz, 2Gb memory, OS 10.4.10, quest OS Windows XP SP2, boot camp beta v.1.3

    It took me some time to solve some important issues and I used various references from the forum. Unfortunately, I don't remember the user names whom I referred to, but I want to declare that all my observations are not primary products but they are based in general tips I found online.

    The requirements for a macbook in order to run smoothly a guest operating system are simple: Put as much memory you can! I purchased 2Gb memory from the Crucial store in UK for £56 and I didn't regret it!
    I shared this memory equally between my mac OS and Win XP SP2. That means 1024 Mb each one. Also, I created a Windows partition using the latest version of Boot camp 1.3.
    There are some application that you better have them shut down when you trying to make your boot camp running through Parallels. Before you proceed, reboot in Windows and make Kaspersky anti virus NOT to start with Windows start up. Do the same thing if you have Win patrol on and generally have a light system for the First parallels configuration.

    I used Parallels Desktop v 3.4650
    My Windows OS SP2 had the following applications already installed:
    MS Office 2003,
    Adobe Acrobat Professional 8
    Corel Draw X3
    Autocad 2007
    Quick time
    MSN Messenger (shut it down too!)

    and other minor applications.

    Parallels set up:
    Use the default procedure.
    However it is possible to experience a crash during the installation of Parallels Tools. In my case, Parallels Tools started automatically and the virtual machine crashed as expected.
    I rebooted and I managed to finish the additional device's driver installations using only the keyboard as the mouse was frozen.
    There is a PCI bridge that there is no way to install a driver for that, so cancel the installation.
    Then, restart the virtual machine (using keyboard again) and by pressing F8, start in safe mode. The goal is to access the Parallels Folder in Program files and to delete it. Then reboot normally. Hopefully, the mouse will operate again. Click Parallel:Actions:Install Parallels Tools: custom installation. Untick the shared applications installation. According to other user, this is the cause for the crashes. Parallels Tools will be installed normally. Restart and you are ready.
    Another option to remove a problematic Parallel tools installation is maybe from Boot camp or Mac OS but to be honest I didn't check this possibility because my machine is working smoothly right now. Also, I have to say that the boot camp virtual machine take significantly more time to boot than a usual image, but it is a fair deal if you don't want to have duplicate windows systems. Now I am able to run Autocad from Parallels or using it via boot camp.
    Another thing that I noticed is that a number of application like Adobe Acrobat require to have the documents folder assigned to its default location. Every time I tried to assign it to a psf location, I couldn't install Adobe Acrobat or other applications.
    This is it,
    Parallels needs improvement but I think that the version 3.4650 is almost perfect even if requires several tries in order to manage to have a good customized virtual OS

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