To Parallels: did I buy useless product?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by macgebruiker, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Larry__Rymal

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    Oh myyyyyy! Well, shucks! Durn!

    I'll just have to find another major reason to run Windows then. My Garmin honestly was the main reason I needed Windows on my Mac.
  2. James Bond 007

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    Agreed, especially the point that "I think many people expect too much from Parallels.". Except the CPU, which is virtualized so that the VM can see it directly, other devices are just emulated, which means that for example, a Windows VM sees a printer as a different one than what Mac OS X does, which may be why the original poster cannot get it working when he chooses the same printer in the Windows VM.

    I just saw a thread that suggests using a Postscript printer in Windows. So Windows saw the printer as a PS printer inside Parallels then?

  3. MatthewR

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    I never said anything about a serial printer. Serial first came into the thread via another poster commenting on needing solutions for other USB devices, giving a serial adapter as an example. Then you come out of nowhere saying you can't connect a serial device to an iMac so I merely pointed out that you most certainly can with use of a common adapter.

    I started out making a useful suggestion and you got insulting right quick which is why I suggest you go get a clue. I can't fathom why you would possibly think you had more computing experience, but whatever. If you think you know so much, then go have fun, but don't cry for help and then start insulting those who are offering it.
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    you really are an ill-mannered jerk
  5. macgebruiker

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    Put your money where your mouth is and show me where I said I wanted to connect to a serial device!
  6. macgebruiker

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    Problem solved; End of thread

    to Kpop:
    I would let you know more detailed. This morning I tried several drivers and the "Generic/Postscript" worked perfectly. So thanks for your message!

    To others with positive remarks:
    Thanks for all the help that eventually did lead to a solution.

    To (only) those that it concerns:
    If you are angried by some of my remarks, so be it. I did not start calling people names and accusing them of whining and the like. My problem is solved. So go on and start insulting others about whining and the like!

    For me this thread ends here!
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    Printing Woes

    The first time I used Bonjour I had the same issue. What fixed it was using the Apple Color 1200/PS driver in XP as the driver for the printer instead of the driver that goes with the printer. I use ONE application in XP that has to be able to print and it works great.

    "He who says it cannot be done is interrupting the one doing it." - Chinese Proverb

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    1. Parallels could have stated that USB does not work. Do not forget, this is supposed to be a rc! meaning it could have been the final! So people have a right to expect standard stuff like regular printers to be working.

    2. Boot Camp is also beta but since I have no use for a product that needs booting, I am not interested in it.

    3. Sharing environment is explictly the utmost important function of this type of programm.
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