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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Android' started by DerekK2, Jan 2, 2017.

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    Without going into too much painstaking detail, I'm connecting to a 2X server setup remotely on my Android phone (LG Nexus 5X) using the official Parallels 2X client app from the Google Play store.

    Its connecting well enough, but every time I log in... the client creates a shortcut on my home screen for every application link we have, of which there are a ton. If I don't remove them, the client just keeps piling copies of the shortcuts on top of shortcuts on top of shortcuts. It's a huge mess, and I have to manually delete each shortcut one by one every time I log in to clean up my home screen.

    Is there any way to stop it from creating shortcuts for applications on the home screen? I'm not seeing any options in the settings (for the app itself, or for my connection). I really don't need them. Accessing the applications through the client itself would more than suffice.

  2. May be something wrong with the RAS Policies.
    Could you please check it or ask you RAS admin for it.
    Let us know the results, please

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